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Ms.clemans is a true fighter ! First off I want to thank you Victoria ! My case were rocky in the beginning I had a different attorney and Everytime I came to court I felt hopeless, only hearing bad news and walked out devastated not knowing if I’ll be away from my kids ... Some how they end up giving my case to ms.clemans ! From the second she was my attorney she told me nothing but positive things and told me how she’s going to fight this and I won’t be disappointed ! She communicated well with me and was very theral with what she needed to know and what she needed from me. There was never a time she didn’t answer my call ! Long story short ! She did the impossible !!! She got my case dismissed and I’m sooooo sooo thankful ! I don’t know how she did it Because before she was on my case they never said nothing good ! Just bad news every court date !! but my second court date with ms.clemans appearance she got it DISMISSED !! She is a fighter and she don’t treat her clients just as a “case number or last name “ She Does everything in her ability to fight for what she promised. you won’t be disappointed.-Posted by Sharay

March 29, 2019


Masterfully Skilled Defense Attorney When my family required the services of an attorney, the gravity associated with finding and hiring the right representation was a daunting task, especially since we’ve never been in a position where we were exposed to the mechanics of the legal system. It was completely uncharted territory for us, and the seriousness of the charges and the related consequences weighed heavily on me as I explored our options. Avvo quickly became a trusted resource because of its community-based model for lawyers to bridge the communication gap with potential clients. I found Victoria’s profile in a roundabout sort of way as I meandered the listings for attorneys in my area and saw one of her peer endorsements. Her superb Avvo rating (level 10) and her 5-star client reviews were convincing enough, and the thing that sold me were the pictures of her with her clients, everyday people that I could relate to. If these qualifications weren’t enough, she was also highly experienced in her specialty. And, as I would later learn in my initial conversation with her, her rates were also very competitive. My first conversation with Victoria quickly affirmed these qualifications and I hired her within minutes of our discussion. Even though the jurisdiction of the case was just outside of the area Victoria normally serves, she was more than willing to take on my family’s case. She gave me realistic expectations and outlined for me the severity of what was at stake. As a client, you can expect that Victoria will handle your case with utmost skill and that she is prepared to fight for your best interests to the very end. She is a formidable opponent for the prosecution and handles herself with ease in the courtroom. At the end of many months of battle, Victoria successfully won a dismissal in our case, along with our appreciation and gratitude. Thank you, Victoria!-Posted by Tony

July 23, 2018




Victoria's a Miracle Worker! After a terrible misunderstanding and unjust apprehension, I was lost at what to do and who to go to. My research began online and Victoria Clemans was the first to come up. I read her excellent reviews on Avvo and other websites and didn't have to look any further. From the first phone call I was treated with the utmost respect and was given the attention I was looking for and needed. Victoria called me directly within a few short minutes after calling her office. I have not heard of other lawyers doing that! Excellent customer service! I felt relieved after just speaking with her. I felt she cared and was more than willing to help. Allison, Victoria's assistant, sent me the contract for services via e-mail and was very knowledgable, true pleasure to work with... The day of the court came and Victoria took care of everything! She is a true MIRACLE worker, very knowledgable, professional and efficient. Tony, the assistant who came along was as well truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you soooo sooo much for everything ! Victoria Clemans and her entire team deserve an A++! If you're looking for an attorney, don't look any further!!-Posted by Ana
December 9, 2017

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